Why is “multiple/dissosiative personality/identity disorder” not called “multiple/dissosiative personality/identity mechanism”? People who have experienced such things which made them split up their consciousness often describe their condition itself as a helpful and natural coping mechanism. The…

I absolutely approve this post.

I swear that if Mewtwo isn’t revealed to be in the game until the version for Wii U is released, I will start questioning if someone else would be a better director for the next SSB. I don’t want to babysit a palette swap just because he became a Sakurai’s character. Falco over Wolf? Lucina (who could very easily be an alt) instead of Roy? The most popular Pokémon in the West after Pikachu, being heavily marketed in X & Y, not being playable even with the whole fandom screaming for him? What about Kid Icarus having 3 reps and Mother losing one? Mario with not 5, not 6, not even technically 7, but 13 reps (1 being a clone and 7 being alts), and Pokémon (the second most popular franchise in the world after Mario) with only 5. No Shiny Lucario or Charizard palettes. I can understand the absence of the Ice Climbers and Duck Hunt was a good replacement (HE IS CALLED MR. PEEPERS BTW, just in case 99% of the internet plans on calling him Duck Hunt Dog forever) and also Squirtle and Ivysaur, as they’re not as popular as Charizard to survive without the Pokémon Trainer. But also… Game modes dropped and good ideas not implemented.

"Stop whining the game is perfect and I would ride Sakurai’s dick."
Well, good for you. I was sent the codes for the demo and I’ve been playing the game. It’s pretty impressive what they’ve done with the graphics, the balance (even tho I think Link is kinda OP now) and everything in general. But this game is far from being what it could have been. It feels incomplete to me. The roster feels incomplete, certain things feel lazy, certain decisions feel odd (why include Palkia and not Dialga, for example, or the absence of Isaac in in 3DS version, or why mix the old stages and new stages all in the same screen, and why pick certain stages from certain games instead of other potential stages that respect the console where they originated, like Magicant instead of a stage from M3 which was actually from a handheld). Also it seems that no Pokémon spin-off matters. No Mystery Dungeon scarf costume for Pikachu, for example. No stages from spin-offs ever appeared. Not even a trophy of a Pokémon Ranger.

Sakurai is needed for Smash, but if leaving him in charge of everything means some stupid decisions, then I’d rather see someone else leading the Smash team. Hopefully I don’t drive anyone mad with my opinion <3