Equality and other similar social issues.


I believe in equality for everyone regardless of gender, race, sexuality, or any of that. If you’re a good person, you deserve to be treated right. If someone is not hurting anyone and/or themselves while doing what makes them happy, let them be. Love is love. Happiness is happiness. Equality for all. Injustice is never one-sided. All sides are at fault, It takes everyone’s willingness to be cooperative and open minded to finally have equality for everyone.

This is exactly what my latest post is about.
If we unite, we can bring equality for everyone.

A Different Perspective

I disagree with pretty much every feminist post. “WOW YOU SEXIST PIG”, please calm the fuck down, I’m just starting. I also disagree with pretty much every “just because you’re a woman it doesn’t mean you’re better than men” post.

The problem nowadays is that nobody is actually demanding equality. They’re demanding either what I call “equality for women” or “equality for men”. Nobody really cares about equality itself but rather protect their gender and attack the opposite one. And this doesn’t work just for gender.

I’m not saying women are right, neither saying men are right, I’m saying both groups pulling each side of the rope are wrong. Then there are those few, like me, who stand in a neutral position watching the fight and asking what the actual fuck is everybody doing, but I’ll get into this later.

First I’d like to say this to all the offended folks out there: unless you were a victim or someone who could (and hopefully did) intervene in a situation that involved discrimination based on gender, race, sexual orientation, nationality or any other characteristic that you have no control over and does not determine how good of a person you are, you have no fucking right to complain. If you see shit happening and you can do something, do it in the right moment. Don’t wait until you’re comfortable at home to go on the internet attacking everyone who shares the same biological characteristics with the aggressor individual you saw.

I will talk because this actually happened to me. In middle school, a girl almost suffocated me while people were laughing, finding the situation funny. When I pushed said bitch away, people came to me and threatened me that if I had hurt the girl, I would have been fucked. Seriously. Then I go to the internet and I have to read about how delicate girls are and how monstrous guys are. Do I hate girls? Fucking. No. Most of my best friends are actually girls. I won’t stop defending their rights because some random bitch once harmed me and she was of the same gender. This is something most feminists fail to realize. There are also guys who are assholes and will treat girls like shit. Should every single guy pay for them? Think for a second to get the answer, it’s not that hard.

This being said, the fact that everyone is too busy defending their gender and attacking the other is just the worst. Instead of actually doing something to stop aggression towards other people, everyone’s just throwing more fuel in. Women applauding when another one spanks her lover, automatically assuming she probably was a victim (and sometimes they aren’t) is just as bad as a man spanking a woman because she is his wife and didn’t give him the respect he thought he deserved (sometimes doing everything he demands is what they call “respect”). In both cases, it’s dark, terrible sexism.

This is where my philosophy enters. Instead of demanding equality for women or men, I demand something completely different. Protection and equal rights to everyone, regardless of their gender, race, sexual orientation and nationality. See? No man or woman. No straight or gay. No black or white. There is no need to be specific. If you want equality, you should defend everyone without attacking another group. Want equal rights for women? No, you want equal rights for people regardless of their gender. Is it that hard to understand? We shouldn’t have to pick sides for peace. Peace is neutral and if you stand for it, you have to abandon your side. If you’re gay and you want equality, you need to “stop being gay” and start being a person with one of the several normal and perfectly natural sexual orientations (no, I’m not saying gay is not natural, I’m saying you need to stop thinking you’re part of a specific group and start defending anyone who could suffer from the same reason of discrimination as you, in that case sexual orientation, just to make things clear). Abandon your side to a neutral position. You need to fight for sexual orientation equality. If you’re black and discriminated, you need to fight for race equality. Stop being a group and start grouping with everyone else.

Were you once victim of a man? Fight for the men who are not like him. Victim of a woman? Fight for the women who are not like her. AKA, exactly the opposite of people are doing now. I hope this is enough to explain my point.

Are you straight, therefore don’t need to worry about equality since you’re not as much discriminated? Wrong. Just wait until an uneducated homosexual individual calls you breeder as an insult. Is every homosexual responsible for the act of that one person? No. Therefore you should fight for you and for them. You both are being victims of the same bad.

Everyone is a victim of discrimination for some reason.
We need to stop attacking innocent people just because they belong to a certain group and unite against those individuals who are the ones that harm us.

Not men and women together, not straight and gay together, not black and white together, but PEOPLE together. PEOPLE united against those who cause harm to other PEOPLE.